The insistent opening riff from 'Stranglehold' by Ted Nugent -- an avowed hunter -- might already have you in a red-meat mindset. If not, check out the new Super Bowl commercial from Carl's Jr. above.

The burger chain is known for raising eyebrows in their ads, and its latest commercial -- featuring an apparently nude Charlotte McKinney, who's been lauded as "the next Kate Upton" lately, on an eye-catching stroll through a farmer's market -- is no different.

The implication from the voiceover is that the 21-year-old Guess model is talking about, you know, wearing no clothes -- "I love going all natural," she says. "It just makes me feel better." Several well-placed items, including melons and a streaming garden hose, obscure McKinney throughout her walk. The Los Angeles-based agency that created the ad says it was inspired by a similar scene from the Austin Powers movies.

The punchline, which arrives toward the end, is that the commercial is instead touting the "all-natural" Carl's Jr. beef patty. The ad will air mostly on the West Coast during the big game, focusing on the region where most of the chain's restaurants are located.

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