The guitarist and frontman in this yearbook photo is giving off a similar to smirk to the one he wears today. His hair is also a touch lighter than it is presently. The face should be very familiar to rockers, especially fans of thrash, but if it's not... are some clues to his identity. He formed one of the more respected hard rock groups of our time after being unceremoniously booted from a different band, which went on to become perhaps the biggest heavy metal group of all time. So this musician, born Sept. 13, 1961, is the common thread between two very revered hard rock acts. That's saying something about his level of skill and talent.

He is known for his political outspokenness, his clever lyrical and album title wordplay and his feuds. He's always fighting with someone. He sustained nerve damage in his hand which almost ended his playing career. But he has since returned to action.

So, who is he?

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