We're not sure what we find more odd -- that this future shock rocker was allowed to bring a puppy when he sat for this yearbook photo, or the mere fact that he did. Regardless, look beyond the little doggy and see if you can tell us who it is. Want a few clues?

Considered one of the originators of the genre known as shock rock, over the years this singer courted controversy for his bizarre show antics, which have included such novelties as bringing guillotines, boa constrictors and bloody baby dolls onstage. He is also known for conducting mock self-executions by hanging from gallows, or via electric chair. A 1969 concert in Toronto grabbed national headlines from erroneous reports that he bit the head of a chicken and drank its blood.

His 1972 album (which peaked at No. 2 on the album charts) and 1973 release (No. 1) are still his best selling to date, but he's continued to record and tour consistently for four decades, issuing the 19th solo album of his career and 26th overall last year. His original band was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year and he was nominated for Ultimate Classic Rock's own 2011 Artist of the Year.

When he's not shocking the world with rock 'n' roll, he's an avid golfer and hosts a celebrity golf charity event in his hometown of Phoenix every year.

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