Think you can name the person pictured in the above picture? Scan the hints below and make your guess.

Born in Gainesville, Fla., this future Rock Hall inductee's first band formed in 1969 and gained popularity in Gainesville but failed to attract a national audience and split up soon after.

The singer-guitarist reluctantly went on to pursue a solo career, with several other former members of his former band forming the core of what became his new backing band. Playing a style of music that combined bluesy rock, neo-psychedelia and New Wave, he would issue a steady stream of gold and platinum records over the next several decades, scoring nine No. 1 rock singles along the way with hits like 'Jammin' Me' and 'The Waiting.'

He still continues to record and tour, with a 2008 performance at the Super Bowl his highest-profile gig to date.

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