This kid comes from Gainesville, Fla., having started his first band in the early-'60s with a future famous rocker. In fact the names to come from that small metropolis are legendary. They all worked together, teaching each other licks and in some cases, how to play their instruments. Later this young man would be featured in a band from California. Do you think you know which classic rocker this is?

Born in 1947, this young man would graduate from Gainesville High School. That photo isn't a yearbook photo exactly, but it's a school-age picture of the kid hanging out in a guitar shop he taught lessons in. In fact another famous Floridian would walk into his store in search of some guidance, which this now-famous guitarist was happy to offer.

From Florida he'd become the new kid in town in Boston before heading to Los Angeles in 1972. From there he began to work with Graham Nash and David Crosby before being offered the job he'd become famous for. Click the button below to find out if your guess is right.