According to guitarist Richie Furay, the long-awaited (actually, more like "never imagined") full-scale tour of the reunited Buffalo Springfield has been pushed back a few months, until early 2012.

According to the awesome Thrasher's Wheat, a post on Richie's Facebook page (he hasn't accepted our friend request, yet!) states:

"For those of you getting excited about the Buffalo Springfield fall tour - word has just come to me that it has been moved to the first of next year. I'm not going to spend a lot time here with details as you speculate among yourselves - there's nothing to speculate about, the tour has simply been moved."

By "word has just come," it is tempting to assume he means "Neil Young has decided," since it's entirely possible the creatively restless legend has suddenly been inspired to spend the fall making a metal record or something else awesome. (Be sure to read our review of his newly released archival live country album 'A Treasure.')

Besides, after forty years apart, it's just wonderful to hear that surviving members Furay, Stephen Stills and Young are back again, and as the video below shows, kicking rather healthy amounts of butt on stage. So, we can all wait a few more months for Buffalo Springfield to come to our town, right?

Watch Buffalo Springfield Perform 'Mr. Soul' at Bonnaroo 2011