Longtime Bruce Springsteen fans are well aware that when ‘The Boss’ is in between albums and the tours that go along with them, he tends to pop up in unexpected places. Yesterday’s "Bruuuuuuce" sighting was related to official business – he was helping his son Evan move into his residence at Boston College, where the younger Springsteen is a student.

While in Boston, a longtime hotbed full of fanatics of Bruce's music, several lucky fans snagged some Boss time and got their picture taken with Bruce, which is certainly a thrill. But as history has shown us previously, if you put Springsteen within 50 feet of an instrument, chances are that he’ll want to play it.

That was certainly the case yesterday as Bruce made his way through Boston’s Public Gardens and borrowed a busker’s guitar, strumming it for about 30 seconds with a huge grin on his face. (Of course the moment was captured on video, thanks to Springsteen fan JoAnna DiVincenzo, but luckily, he wasn't showing off his legendary dancing "skills.")

Now that he's presumably done helping his son get settled, Bruce will be one of the special guests helping Sting celebrate 25 years of being a solo artist with a charity concert in October.

Watch Bruce Springsteen Busk In Boston

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