In 1974, 10 years before he joined Kiss, Bruce Kulick was in a band with two friends, and now the music they made is about to get a wider release. You can check out the teaser video for the project above.

Kulick first issued the six songs by KKB -- named after Kulick, Mike Katz and Guy Bois -- in 2008 in a limited numbered run of 1,000 CDs. As he explained on his Facebook page, "Since then, Mike Katz, our singer and principal writer, found the original multitrack tapes we recorded in 1974. We discussed writing a new song and updating the mixes, with a vision of squeezing every bit of fidelity and spirit out of the performances. In early 2015, KKB will be released with a brand new song that will blow your mind, along with remixed versions of the original six songs and some more recently unearthed material as well. It was a long time ago, but the tracks still sound remarkably current."

A few years after recording this music, Kulick joined Meat Loaf's touring band in support of 'Bat Out of Hell.' That was followed by a few years in Blackjack, Michael Bolton's group before the singer became an adult-contemporary heartthrob. Kulick then spent more than a decade in Kiss, and since 2001 has been playing guitar in Grand Funk Railroad.

"Little did we realize life would never afford us the opportunity to do more with what we created," Kulick said.

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