Brian May isn't just complaining about the U.K. government; he might just throw his hat in the ring.

Agent Phil Symes tells the BBC that May is "seriously considering" a run -- either as an independent candidate or on behalf of the Queen guitarist's Common Decency project -- in the upcoming vote for members of Parliament. The idea, Symes said, has been sparked by "frustration at a system that he sees as failing the electorate."

May's Common Decency project hopes "to re-establish common decency in our lives, work and Parliament." To that end, May said last month, he wants to "get rid of the current government" and those in Parliament who aren't "representing our interests" by creating a House of Commons filled with "individuals voting according to their conscience."

The next question would be which seat might be targeted by the busy May, who's in the middle of a European tour with Queen and Adam Lambert. Symes says his client has "no firm plans," but various reports have noted that the guitarist owns a wildlife sanctuary in Dorset, where Annette Brooke is retiring from her seat in May.

Oddsmakers are already putting May's chances of election at 25/1.

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