Boston will reportedly release their first album since 2002 this fall. It's the sixth from the classic band, and the first to be released since singer Brad Delp committed suicide in 2007.

According to Music Tap, 'Life, Love & Hope' will be released on Dec. 3 by Frontier Records. It's not clear if new lead singer Tommy DeCarlo will appear exclusively on the album. A 2011 statement from the band indicated that vocals from Delp would be included on the album.

At last check, the record was 85 percent finished, but that was in August 2012. The same report surfaced a year earlier. But the delay is no surprise to fans who are used to waiting for new music from Boston. Since 1978, new albums have arrived an average of eight years apart. "[Founder] Tom [Scholz] is quite a perfectionist when it comes to his sound and his music," DeCarlo said last year. "It’s not always done in a timely fashion.”

The band's last studio album was 'Corporate America' in 2002. There's no mention of the new album's release on Boston's website or any of their social-media pages.

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