If you ever find yourself heading out to the pub with Bono, you might just want to go ahead and call in sick for work the next day in advance.

That's according to the U2 singer's sometime drinking partner Noel Gallagher, who tells Noisey that Bono can pack away the pints better than anyone he knows.

Asked to compare the drinking abilities of himself, Bono, Morrissey and Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie, Gallagher declared Bono "hands down" the best of the bunch. "Bobby don’t drink," he pointed out. "[Morrissey] can drink ... [he] doesn’t really get drunk, though -- he remains equally as vicious from the f---ing minute you meet him until seven hours later. I lighten up once I’ve had a drink. Not Morrissey."

In comparison, Gallagher says Bono is "really f---ing brilliant company" — the kind of guy who remains the effortlessly charming life of the party even after putting away a few too many. "I’ve been drinking with him, and I’ve been leaving a bar at 6 in the morning and he’s on the bar singing opera," marveled the Oasis co-founder. "He’s got a f---ing gig the following night with 70,000 people. And I’m being escorted out like James Brown — f---ing pissed."

That may be true, but we wouldn't expect to see Bono on any bars during U2's current tour — it probably wouldn't mix well with his ongoing efforts to recover from the extensive injuries he suffered in a bike accident last fall.

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