Sometimes one more Bon Jovi cover is one Bon Jovi cover too many. Witness Winters Mistress, an ‘80s covers band stuck at some dive bar in the middle of Pennsylvania, trudging through yet another set of classics in front of a typically sparse crowd. But the guitar player decides he simply can’t bare the thought of running through a mediocre cover of ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’ for what could be for the hundredth time -- so rather than fake it, he takes the most rock ‘n’ roll way out.

The YouTube clip below -- first discovered by the badass site Badass Digest -- captures it all. As the singer launches into that familiar “Shot through the heart / and you’re to blame” intro, the guitarist decides he’s had enough, smashes his instrument with his best ‘London Calling’ over-the-shoulders swing, tosses the it to the side of the stage and ambles off. Simply brilliant!

The quite meager crowd reacts as if it just witnessed Dylan going electric. “Oh my God!” yells one woman after the instrument is tossed. Another indignant woman chimes in with “You’re a f---ing a--h---!” as a man sums it up perfectly, yelling “Rock ‘n’ roll!” The only thing missing is someone calling out "Judas!"

In the ensuing moments, the singer stands stage center, confused. The drummer tosses his sticks in the direction of the departed guitarist, and the bassist walks off, resigned to the fact that the show is over. Have we just watched the final moments of Winters Mistress?

The band's Myspace page remains, although it hasn't been logged on to since June 30. Is the guitarist to blame?

Watch what could very well be the final moments of Winters Mistress:

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