As previously reported, Jeffrey Goho, the man who started the recent Bon Jovi Is Dead hoax, has been the object of hate mail and general disgust. Now, thanks to this world of instant fame and the art of cashing in, you can add recording offers to that list as well.

Goho is also a musician and -- surprise! -- has a band of his own. Due to this sudden notoriety, his band, Minutia, has also started to garner some attention from all the hoopla Goho is knee deep in.  He has claimed that his intention was only to draw notice to the fact that Bon Jovi and other bands were becoming known for everything but their music, saying anything else was "unexpected." He added, "I never really thought it would get out of Pennsylvania.”

Be that as it may (or may not), the "unexpected" has happened. According to a posting on their Facebook page, "Minutia [have] been commissioned to record a single in response to the Bon Jovi hoax which surfaced on Dec. 19th. Recording is set to begin today (Jan. 1). The song will be titled 'No Regrets.'"

Acclaimed French producer and Candlelight Records affiliated Kevin Pandele arrived at The Philadelphia International Airport late Dec. 28th, to act as co-producer with a celebrity name that, as of now, has yet to be revealed. Release date TBA. Recording for Minutia's debut album has been temporarily postponed. More information to come."  Golly gee whiz!

Minutia, it must be said, have no chance of ever being mistaken for Bon Jovi. As these numerous You Tube clips of the band show, their sound is closer to that of  a lawnmower running over a wounded mule than it is to living on any sort of prayer. You might call it angry metal, or, you might not want to call it at all.

See, Andy Warhol was always right! Fifteen minutes indeed. Enjoy it now Minutia boy, the clock is ticking...