Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer continues to insist that his former bandmates have no legal right to reunite under the Ratt name without him — and has outlined his side of the story in a lengthy Facebook post that points the finger at "misinformation and lies" coming out of the other side of the group's latest messy public battle.

Battling against the contention that bassist Juan Croucier was illegally expelled from the business partnership controlling Ratt's copyrights — thus invalidating the Blotzer-owned corporation that currently holds the reins — Blotzer stressed that there's been "no final judgment" in the case and called Croucier "the biggest liar I've known" and "a fat bug on the windshield that looks like Danny DeVito with a headband on."

According to Blotzer, since handing down the summary judgment that reportedly (and apparently incorrectly) led some to believe he'd lost the case, the court has upheld Blotzer's argument that the current Ratt corporation is legally valid, freeing him to book dates with his own version of the group without fear of having promoters scared off by cease and desist letters. "We win, we're back out on tour soon," he wrote. "We have six dates booked so far."

With another hearing scheduled for later in the month, the Ratt battle remains far from over. But in the meantime, Blotzer seems upbeat about his chances — and remains convinced that his former bandmates' sudden willingness to tour and record new music stems from the success he had after putting together his own version of the group after getting tired of waiting for them to set aside their differences.

"For five years I tried to rally these guys together, and NOW they’re good to go on tour? ... I simply wanted to tour," he wrote. "They didn't. They didn't speak to each other till they saw the huge success we had this past year. We did 70 or so shows, and grossed more money on this tour than any tour Ratt has done in 20 years past. I tried to keep the originals and the rest together. This isn’t my undoing."

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