Bob Seger turns 70 next year, so when he decided to title his first new album in eight years 'Ride Out,' he must have known on some level that it would cause some speculation regarding his long-term career plans.

As Seger recently insisted to Billboard, however, people shouldn't read too much into a name: "People have said, ''Ride Out' -- that sounds a little final there,' and I'm like, 'No, that's not really what I meant.' It's to ride out, clear your head from all the stuff that's making you crazy."

Still, he concedes that it may not be too much longer until retirement makes sense. "It could serve as a final title. So if I decide, when I turn 70 in May, that enough's enough, it is kind of like summing up," he continued. "The deciding factor for whether I leave or not is my voice, whether it holds up. I want to be graceful about it. I don't want to overstay my welcome."

If and when Seger decides to hang it up, he warns ABC News Radio that fans shouldn't expect to find out through a "farewell tour" announcement. "I wouldn't want to announce it out. It'd be the saddest tour in the world, you know, if it was our last tour. So I just really kind of take it tour by tour," he explained. "If I feel it's starting to slip, if I feel I can't really sing well enough anymore, I'll be the first one out the door."