As the music world reflects on late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham on the anniversary of his death, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has chimed in with anecdotes about his friend's reckless driving episodes.

In a new video interview from Artisan News (seen below), Iommi recalls his days in the '70s hanging out with the drummer and some of the troubles they used to get into. The guitarist recalled, "I used to go out quite a bit with John. We used to go to clubs and I would go to his house and have a party and he was quite a wild character, I might say. It was good fun, unless we went out and he was driving. Because he used to get really pissed, drunk, and drive back and them days, the police weren't so hot, you know."

Iommi says that more often than not, he ended up driving for his fear of letting Bonham behind the wheel. "I remember once case where he'd just bought a new car, like a Maserati, and we were driving up the wrong way up this road and I said, 'We're going the wrong way," says Iommi. "He went, 'It's alright,' cause in England with the islands that you go around to go into different lanes, and he goes straight over the island and we got stuck on this island, on the top and ripped out the bottom of this new car that he'd got. So 'oh no.' We had to get out, get a cab and he left it there."

The Sabbath guitarist says that these were just the types of things that happened back when they got together. He adds, "It turns out that I used to end up driving most of the time to make sure we were alright. You never knew if you were gonna get home with him."

Iommi goes further in depth on his friendship with Bonham in his book, 'Iron Man.'

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