"The End" could bring Black Sabbath full circle — at least according to guitarist Tony Iommi, who has suggested that the band could perform together for the final time in their U.K. hometown of Birmingham.

Iommi shared the news during a recent Q&A session at the city's town hall, thanking Birmingham for "putting us where we are today" and openly musing about the possibility of further dates beyond the tour's last scheduled show, in Phoenix on Sept. 21. "We are off to Australia in a couple of weeks, but it would be nice to think it could finish back where it all started – in Birmingham," said Iommi. "When we are home where we started, we have always found it a bit nerve-wracking, but Birmingham means such a lot to us."

After Sabbath say goodbye, Iommi vowed to continue making music — just a little closer to home. As he put it, "I just can’t keep going out on these long tours."

For those who aren't able to catch Sabbath during the tour, Iommi also suggested that some sort of live release could be in the cards. Although he didn't have any details, he responded to a question about a concert album by saying, "It’s possible, because we are doing a lot of filming during the tour too."

Iommi also answered a series of Sabbath-related questions about his favorite riff and record, and unsurprisingly, he wasn't willing to pick a favorite from the bunch ("I wrote them," he laughed). But picking a least favorite Sabbath album proved a little easier: According to Iommi, 1995's Forbidden is "the only one that I’m not really keen on."

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