Many of us have felt violent urges after a month of hearing Christmas music everywhere we go, but one Black Sabbath fan just took things to a new — and decidedly ill-advised — level.

NBC reports that 33-year-old Madison, Wis. resident Christopher Gamboeck was arrested after instigating a violent confrontation on Christmas Eve — and it all started when the bartender on duty at his watering hole of choice decided to switch the sound system from Sabbath to holiday music.

According to the police report, Gamboeck "chugged his glass bottle of Budweiser beer, and slammed it down on the counter," before yelling obscenities at the bartender and throwing a bottle at her head. Fists clenched, Gamboeck then tried to get behind the bar, but was stopped by a group of customers that included his uncle. He was eventually removed from the premises, but not before he "pulled down a Christmas tree and broke several delicate ornaments."

By the time police arrived, Gamboeck was already gone, but his violent night wasn't over: According to the report, when officers arrived at his home, he flew into a rage, hurling profane insults at a female officer before being threatened with a Taser and eventually taken into custody.

As of this writing, Gamboeck's fate remains unclear — reporters have been able to determine the name of the attorney handling his case — but when announcing the details of his arrest on Dec. 28, the police department reported that he's being charged with disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property charges.

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