Although has sworn off the idea of doing another full-scale rock tour, Billy Joel still does his acclaimed 'An Evening of Questions and Answers and a Little Bit of Music' series at colleges. At a recent event, a fan wound up playing one of Joel's signature songs with the legendary musician.

Michael Pollack, a student at Nashville's Vanderbilt University, asked if he could accompany Joel on his favorite Billy Joel song, 'New York State of Mind.' Joel agreed and Pollack joined him on the stage. After a quick discussion about keys (Joel now sings the tune in Bb, down a whole step from its original C), Pollack launched into the song's jazzy opening.

Joel donned a pair of shades, took the center mic and began singing. "I feel like Sinatra," he said during the bridge and did a line mimicking the Chairman of the Board's New Jersey accent. The tune ended with some flourishes from Pollack while Joel watched on, suitably impressed.

"Nice going, Michael," Joel said as Pollack left the stage to thunderous applause. "The guy's got chops...I love when that happens. That's nice. Good luck to you, Michael. I think you're gonna do fine."

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