Here we go with another performance by our favorite convulsing crooner, Phillip "Phillip Phillip Phillip etc." Phillips. The 'Idol' finalist got to choose one track he sang earlier in the season for this final 'Idol' performance episode, and he chose 'Movin' Out' by the "Piano Man" himself, Billy Joel.

Instead of playing a piano, Phillips stuck to his trademark acoustic guitar while singing, because … uhh, that's his thing. Frankly if you've been watching American Idol, it was just like all his other performances. If you like the style that Phillips has boxed himself into this entire season, you'll probably like the performance. If not, you didn't miss anything … especially if you saw it the first time around.

Steven Tyler made some sort of reference to eggs, Randy Jackson ya know, uhh, yo, yo, yo, ummmm, thought it was on the same level as Jessica Sanchez's repeat performance, and Jennifer Lopez, who melts into her chair every time a male vocalist steps onto the stage, thought that Phillips put Sanchez to sleep.

Watch Phillip Phillips perform Billy Joel's 'Movin' Out' on American Idol.

Phillip Phillips Sings Billy Joel's 'Movin' Out'