While most of us were recovering from Thanksgiving dinner overload, ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons kicked off his first-ever solo tour last week, temporarily trading his spot in rock's most enduring trio to front a new, larger group called the BFG's.

This past Friday night (Dec. 4) in Austin, Texas, backed by a keyboardist, organist, two drummers and a percussionist, Gibbons delivered a 15-song set comprised primarily of songs from his debut solo album, the Afro-Cuban leaning Perfectamundo.

As you can see from these fan-shot videos of the previous night's performance in Houston, he also found time to interpret three songs from his main group – "Thunderbird," "Ten Foot Pole" and of course, "La Grange" – as well as a set-closing cover of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love."

The sound of this new band live was just as refreshing and surprising as that of Perfectamundo itself, with special emphasis clearly placed on the Tito Puente-based rhythms Gibbons learned from the master himself during his childhood New York City apprenticeship.

You almost felt like you were transported to the old days in Havana and the pre-Castro Cuba of the '50s, when it was known as the Las Vegas of the Caribbean. The stage set was very sparse and spare, with an extremely chromed-out low-rider bicycle serving as the primary decoration.

Of course, Gibbons sported a custom Cohiba cigar-themed Telecaster to further dictate the mood – and of course, he frequently tore off tasteful, economic solos at every suitable opportunity, while also allowing plenty of space for his band to show off their Miami-Cubano poly-rhythmic attack.

Billy Gibbons and the BFG's will be on tour in support of Perfectamundo from now until February 2016. You can find out when they're coming to your town, and get tickets, at BillyGibbons.com.

Billy Gibbons and the BFG's, Dec. 4, 2015 Austin, Texas Setlist
"Treat Her Right"
"Pickin' Up Chicks on Dowling Street"
"Sal Y Pimiento"
"Ten Foot Pole"
"Got Love If You Want It"
"The Drifter"
"Quiero Mas Dinero"
"Sassy Mae"
"Baby Please Don't Go"
"You're What's Happenin', Baby"
"The Rev"
"La Grange"
"Whole Lotta Love"

Watch Billy Gibbons and the BFG's Perform ZZ Top's "Ten Foot Pole"

Watch Billy Gibbons and the BFG's Perform "Whole Lotta Love"

Billy Gibbons and the BFGs, Austin 12/4 Photos

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