Dee Snider, lead singer for onetime cross-dressing hard rockers Twisted Sister (they retired the makeup in 2009), turns 57 today (March 15). So what do you get for the guy who does everything? A Readers' Poll, of course!

We still haven't decided whether to buy something for Dee the rocker, Dee the radio host, or Dee the actor and screenwriter. And let us not forget the latest addition to his list of accomplishments: Dee the crooner. Snider's forthcoming album, 'Dee Does Broadway,' is all show tunes. We're not even kidding. To be honest, it actually sounds kind of awesome.

Ultimately, we're leaning towards getting something for Dee the reality TV star, as he seems to be in prime position to win this season's 'The Celebrity Apprentice.' Funny to think that the guy who once shaved his front teeth into fangs and spoke side by side with Frank Zappa and John Denver (!) at the PMRC hearings would become such a distinguished elder statesman of rock. Props to whoever had the over on that bet.

While Snider blows out a whole bunch of candles, it is up to you to crown the champion of the Twisted Sister catalog. We've picked eight of the band's most rockin' tunes. Choose your favorite in the poll below. And don't try to stop rock & roll. You can't.

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