Led Zeppelin 'III' is among the group's most unique efforts, as it draws more heavily on acoustic and folk music than any of their other records.

Although it confused some fans and critics when it was first released in October of 1970, and was to a good deal overshadowed by the much heavier albums the band released before and after it (1969's 'II' and 1971's untitled effort) for many years, over time the album has come to be regarded as one of Zeppelin's most important and influential records.

The band's lead singer, Robert Plant, has explored similar territory to that found on 'III' on many of his recent solo albums, and performs many of the album's tracks frequently in concert to this day.

So what's your favorite song from this record? Many fans go for the atypically hard-charging opener 'Immigrant Song,' but we bet the uptempo jangle of 'Friends' and the tender sentiments of 'That's the Way' will also get a lot of votes. There's also the blues of 'Since I've Been Loving You, their dynamic, momentum-building version of 'Gallows Pole,' and several more. Please vote for your favorite Led Zeppelin 'III' song below!


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