1984 was a pivotal year for music. MTV's dominance and influence made its strongest impact on the charts, bringing previously niche subgenres like synth-pop and metal to the forefront of mainstream attention.

The music network also helped spur the popularity of new music that probably would have had little chance of commercial success only a few years earlier. In addition to the usual progression of rock and pop acts, college rock and glam-metal found increasing support across the world, as you will see in the below list of the Top 50 Albums of 1984.

As chosen by the UCR staff, these records represent the best of what the year offered - everything from post-punk and new wave to metal and good old-fashioned classic rock had their moments.

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Not only was 1984 one of the decade's peak years, but it also saw the release of some of the biggest and best records ever made. Two of the bestselling LPs of all time - Prince's Purple Rain and Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. - slugged it out on the charts, pretty much dominating the No. 1 spot for the year.

Meanwhile, veteran artists such as Don Henley, Tina Turner, Van Halen and Roger Waters released some of their best records (there was even a posthumous John Lennon offering) while newer acts ushered in new eras of popular music. The Top 50 Albums of 1984 spans the musical spectrum. The year opened up the bold new possibilities in music; our list reflects this brave new world.

Top 50 Albums of 1984

It's not only one of the decade's peak years, it also saw the release of some of the biggest and best records ever made.

Gallery Credit: Michael Gallucci

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