The British Film Institute has announced that they'll screen the Beatles classic 'Magical Mystery Tour' with a new behind-the-scenes BBC TV 'Arena' series feature titled 'Magical Mystery Tour Revisited.' The Examiner reports that the event comes Oct. 2, a week before the rumored release of a Blu-Ray and restored DVD surrounding the film.

The 'Revisited' film reportedly tells the story behind the Beatles polarizing third feature. A description reveals, "It was seen by a third of the nation, at 8:35 on BBC1 on Boxing Day in black and white and all hell broke loose. 'Magical Mystery Tour' was greeted with outrage and derision by middle England and the establishment media."

While highly critiqued at the time, the largely forgotten film has been restored and it will screen alongside the documentary 45 years after it first appeared on the big screen. General admission tickets go on sale Aug. 21.