Badfinger's 1971 song 'Baby Blue' has seen a huge sales surge following its inclusion during the last scene of 'Breaking Bad''s finale last night.

Billboard reports that the song had a 3,000 percent sales gain since the episode aired. The track is currently resting in iTunes' Top 20 song list and will most likely return to Billboard's charts this week.

If that happens, it will be Badfinger's first appearance in the Top 100 since 'Hold On' made it to No. 56 back in 1981.

According to Billboard, 'Baby Blue' sold nearly 5,000 downloads last night alone. It's on path to becoming the song's largest digital sales week; it's never sold more than 1,000 downloads in a single week. The song was the group's last Top 40, making it to No. 14 in 1972. Like much of the band's third album, the song was produced by Todd Rundgren.

The track unfolded during the final scene of 'Breaking Bad''s much buzzed-about (and record-breaking) last episode. We won't spoil it for you, but it's a suitable ending to the best show on TV. 'Baby Blue''s lyrics -- from the opening line, "Guess I got what I deserved" to the "baby blue" reference of the meth cooked up by the show's main character -- fit perfectly.

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