After years of wrangling, fans can finally buy a collection of demo recordings made by Rapidfire, the L.A. rock band fronted by a young Axl Rose in 1983.

Bits and pieces of these tapes have floated around online for years, but as with many things Rose-related, it's taken quite a bit of legal maneuvering to clear their official release. Earlier this year, Loudwire reported that Rose's lawyers had issued a takedown notice for a Rapidfire YouTube clip, even though Rapidfire guitarist Kevin Lawrence owned the copyright.

"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead man," wrote Lawrence during the months leading up to the Rapidfire EP's release. "Oh, and I can’t wait for the 500-page illegal harassment of a cease and desist. Snore .. zzz … zzz. Heard of interference of business and SLAPP suits? I own the copyrights, the masters, the photos, the performances and I have the receipt that I paid for it all … LOL … open and shut."

Here's hoping it ends up being just as clear-cut as Lawrence believes. In the meantime, you can learn more about Rapidfire at the band's Facebook page, which offers firsthand memories and photos from the group's brief run. The five-song EP, titled 'Ready to Run,' is available to download now.

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