Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose is all sparkly once again after the return of his missing jewelry Wednesday (June 6).

The musician was furious when he discovered he'd been robbed of over $200,000 worth of gold and diamond necklaces following a Guns N' Roses concert in Paris, but it all turned out to be a huge misunderstanding.

A young model, who remained unidentified, allegedly took the necklaces by mistake after a night of drinking. The woman told police that she inadvertently grabbed Rose's bling and didn't realize the mistake until waking the next day at lunchtime and noticing the items in her handbag. She admitted the accident and returned the jewelry, apparently to the satisfaction of Rose.

The singer later posted on his Twitter account: "Got my things back (really just an excited fan). Thank you to the person for returning them n' big thanks 2 the Paris police."

The best news of all for the young woman was that she wasn't wearing a Slash t-shirt, which might have yielded a different outcome.