MTV celebrates 30 years on Aug. 1 and, although the channel rarely plays actual music these days, it's a nostalgic moment for anybody who grew up during the '80s. If you were a music fan, MTV was a whole new way to enjoy and see your favorite bands!

The channel was anchored by VJs, a.k.a. "video jockeys," and New York-born personality Martha Quinn was part of the classic original team and one of the most popular hosts on the network.

Lots of rockers stopped by to chat with the pixie-sized Quinn throughout the years and we've gathered five of our favorite moments, from Judas Priest to David Lee Roth!

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    Live Aid with Judas Priest Singer Rob Halford


    Backstage at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, Quinn sat down with a very affectionate Rob Halford of Judas Priest, who expressed his satisfaction that Priest and Black Sabbath were the only metal bands on the Live Aid bill and recalled a previous festival performance with Led Zeppelin at 'A Day on the Green' in the '70s.

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    Quinn with Alice Cooper


    Alice Cooper joins Martha for an interview and questions from callers, circa 1991 during promotion for his 'Hey Stoopid' album. They discuss the recently wrapped 'Operation Rock N' Roll' tour (which also featured Judas Priest) and Cooper's touring habits.

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    Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen on MTV's 'Basement Tapes'


    Martha went to Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen's house, to tape an episode of the MTV 'Basement Tapes' series, which put the spotlight on unsigned bands. Dig the extremely obvious and colorful '80s fashion that Quinn is sporting, and also the '80s era prize package, which promised to hook a winner up with a Casio prize package.

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    Motley Crue with Quinn


    So, checking out Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx at the :25 second mark, the early Kiss influence is pretty evident, huh? Meanwhile, Vince has a 'Conan the Barbarian' look going on. And that's just the footage leading into Martha's actual interview. The interview finally begins at the two minute mark and seemingly a bit nervous, she talks with the Crue about a number of subjects, including their new album 'Shout at the Devil,' and the inspiration behind their cover of 'Helter Skelter' by the Beatles. Check out Motley's really big hair:

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    David Lee Roth at the Video Music Awards


    David Lee Roth was full throttle throughout the '80s and he gave lots of good quote. This 25 second exchange with Martha is no exception. We'd love to know Martha's inner thoughts right at that moment. Did DLR ever have a moment where he was at a loss for words?

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