Angelina Jolie was still a fledgling actress in 1997 when she took an acting gig in the Rolling Stones music video for 'Anybody Seen My Baby?' She appears as a stripper who flees the club where she's dancing as Mick Jagger tries to track her down in the streets.

It was revealed in the Mick Jagger biography, 'Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger,' that the singer romantically pursued the married Jolie following the shoot, but she resisted his advances. In addition to the Rolling Stones video, the actress appeared in clips for Meat Loaf ('Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through'), and the Lemonheads ('It's About Time') before hitting the big time.



Watch the Rolling Stones' 'Anybody Seen My Baby?' Video Featuring Angelina Jolie

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