It's looking more and more like Mötley Crüe might end its final concert by being "killed" on stage by Alice Cooper.

Cooper, who's been on the road with the Crüe during their Final Tour, jokingly offered to ensure that the band never gets back together by lopping off their heads with a guillotine after the closing number of the tour's last stop on Dec. 31. Noting it'd also create a wonderful opportunity to auction off their severed heads for charity, Cooper quipped, "I told them, ‘Why don’t you let me kill you onstage? That finishes everything.’ Four guillotines, floomp! Done!"

Crüe drummer Tommy Lee was quick to take Cooper up on that offer, suggesting he use four guillotines to chop all the band members' heads off at once for maximum performance value, but it looks like all that goofing around has led to a little actual serious discussion about having Cooper give the guys a proper sendoff on New Year's Eve.

Classic Rock Magazine reports that rather than a quadruple beheading, fans at the final show might see a hail of bullets. "The idea was, because people were saying, 'It's not really gonna be the end,' and I go, 'New Year is their last show. You know how I know? Because I'm gonna kill them at the end,'" Cooper's quoted as saying. "Of course I was kidding, but Tommy said that wasn't a bad idea. With a machine gun and blood packs."

"No blood packs, real bullets," retorts Lee. "We're tired, we're old, we're cranky. You've gotta put us down."

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