Rock stars need regular doses of lovin', but they lead such busy lives that finding the time can be a real chore. The search for a solution, as we'll see in this edition of Clash of the Titans, can sometimes lead to outstanding rock 'n' roll.

Of course, there are any number of rock songs about getting it on real quick-like in unorthodox places, but for this Clash, we're focusing on two of the best: Motley Crue's 'Ten Seconds to Love' and Aerosmith's 'Love in an Elevator.' Which one deserves to win? That's all up to you -- like every other entry in this series, the outcome is 100 percent decided by reader votes.

The Crue struck first in this matchup, recording 'Ten Seconds' as part of their 'Shout at the Devil' LP in 1983. "We write really good songs," boasted bassist Nikki Sixx after the album's release. "One of my favorites on the album is 'Ten Seconds To Love.' If you listen very closely, you can hear a lot of squishy sounds during that song. That's because we were f---ing some chicks while we were making the record. Now when they're playing that song at home they can tell all their friends, 'Hear that noise? That's me being f---ed by Nikki Sixx.'"

'Ten Seconds' was never a single, unlike 'Love in an Elevator,' which arrived in the fall of 1989 as the first crossover release from Aerosmith's classic 'Pump' album. Singer Steven Tyler later claimed the song's lyrics were inspired by a real-life hookup, but the band kept the extracurricular sound effects to a minimum -- not that it hurt 'Elevator,' which peaked at No. 5 on the Hot 100 and topped the rock chart.

So which ode to quick public nookie gets your vote? You can cast your ballot once every hour between now and 11:59PM ET on Feb. 15. Check out both songs below.

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