Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is known for his way with a double entendre, but he isn't the only member of the band with a wicked sense of humor. Just ask bassist Tom Hamilton's son.

The young Hamilton found himself the subject of some unwanted attention at school thanks to his famous dad, who paid to have a series of obscene Beanie Babies parody dolls manufactured and the left them in a box at the family house. "They’re like the equivalent to Beanie Babies, except they’re dirty," Hamilton said of the dolls, which he dubbed Obscenies. "I would tell people about it, and they’d be like, 'Well, when are you going to do it?' So I found somebody who had the connections to have plush toys made. There was some factory in China that was able to produce about 8,000 of these things."

As any parent of a young son could quickly tell you, where a box of stuffed toys with names like Scrotilla the Hun and Robin Redbreasts goes, phone calls from the principal are soon to follow. "My son got into the box of them and took some to school and got in trouble ... and then I got in trouble!" Hamilton laughed, going on to explain that, while he still finds his Obscenies funny, he hasn't come up with a way to turn them into a profitable enterprise.

"I love a good punch line, but that’s doesn’t mean it’s going to be a commercial success," he admitted. "They’re pretty hilarious, but I’ve never been able to find anybody who could figure out how to sell them. Maybe people will hear about it and sort of latch on to it. I think I’m just going to take them out on the road and throw them out to people when I’m onstage."

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