As Aerosmith and Slash prepare to launch their 'Let Rock Rule' tour on July 10, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry says that the group is hoping to use the tour to explore some deep cuts from their catalog.

Perry, currently on tour in Europe, tells Rolling Stone, "We're going to do a few off-the-wall ones that there will be some discussion about," adding that the setlists have "started to get very heavy on the '70s, with a lot of album cuts. Once we're back in the States, we'll definitely do more from the new album and things from the '90s we haven't played in a long time. Off the top of my head, that might include 'Monkey on My Back' or maybe even 'Hangman Jury.'"

Aside from having recently performed 'Freedom Fighter,' a track from 2012's 'Music From Another Dimension' for the first time ever, the band hasn't really strayed too far from the set list they devised in 2013.

Perry also mentions the exciting possibility of joining Slash on stage "a couple of times" throughout the tour. Of course, Slash just might join Perry and his crew on stage as well.

"I want to go out and play with him at least a couple of times," says Perry. "It's always fun to play something different. He might also play during our set. We're known for doing 'Mama Kin' together, but there are other songs he likes. 'Rocks' is one of his favorite records. I'm sure he's got a couple of songs he wants to play, and we'll oblige him. We're really good friends and it's going to be a really good tour."

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