We have a new addition to our growing collection of 'Really Talented Little Kids Playing Classic Rock' videos. Earlier this month we saw a six-year-old drumming along to Van Halen's 'Hot for Teacher.' and now we have a seven-year-old girl playing Slash's guitar part on Guns N' Roses' 'Sweet Child O' Mine.'

The video was brought to our attention by, of all people, Slash, who got it from
Mountain. "So cool. I'm speechless," the guitarist
tweeted, while forwarding a link to an
MSN piece about the girl. Her name is Zoe Thomson, and the clip was recorded three years ago, when she was only seven, but only posted on April 11. She is currently serving as the lead guitarist in a group called the Mini Band, which is comprised of similarly aged prodigies.

Thomson, now 10, has already become a bit of a sensation in her native UK, where last year she was the subject of a news story (embedded below) that featured members of Metallica praising the Mini Band while watching them play.

You can see more of Thomson's videos on her YouTube channel.

Watch a News Story About Zoe Thomson Featuring Metallica

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