A 1967 promo poster of The Doors has sold for the relatively affordable price of $317 on eBay. The vintage, 19X28 poster features up close facial shots of all of the members and was issued by the band's label Elektra Records for promotional purposes. If you are a classic rock memorabilia collector, it's good to troll eBay, because finds like this are out there and you just never know what you might unearth.

The lucky bidder pretty much landed a steal with this poster, since it's actually  an original item, not a reproduction, which makes us scratch our heads and wonder why it didn't fetch a little more. Perhaps the price tag stayed on the lower end of things due to the fact that it is a "used" item, with a few tears on the edges, fold marks and tape residue, thus rendering it in imperfect condition. It's not our money, but we think that those "flaws" are part of the charm of an archival item such as this.

The item opened with a miniscule bid of 99 cents and nabbed 14 escalating bids over the course of the auction, with the winner shelling out a little over 300 beans, plus a $3 shipping cost. It's a classic, frame-worthy shot, so congrats to the bidder for walking away with quite a deal.