John Fogerty

Starting in 1968, John Fogerty led Creedence Clearwater Revival on seven terrific albums. After years of playing in bands (he founded the Blue Velvets in 1959 with his brother Tom, also in CCR, and the Golliwogs in the first part of the '60s), Fogerty went solo in 1972 and recorded as the Blue Ridge Rangers. After releasing a self-titled record in 1975, he took a 10-year break before returning with the double-platinum, No. 1 album 'Centerfield.' It sparked a career rebirth, which has resulted in the Grammy-winning 'Blue Moon Swamp' album and a steady stream of live performances where he still delivers CCR's hits with commitment.

John Fogerty Gives Details About Duets Album
It struck us as a natural fit when news broke last month that John Fogerty was going to re-record his old songs with some famous friends lending a hand. After all, his catalog, both as a member of Creedence Clearwater Revival and as a solo act, is as loved as anybody's in rock history, and it c…
John Fogerty To Play Full CCR Albums on Canadian Tour
They have plenty of back bacon and all three members of Rush, but up until now, Canadian residents have been deprived of seeing John Fogerty perform entire Creedence Clearwater Revival albums in person. This September, that will all change when Fogerty takes his rather heftily titled tour, Wrote a S…

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