Alex Van Halen’s historic drum kit is the latest acquisition of Cleveland’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum. The historic kit, which was used on more than 100 shows during Van Halen’s 1980 world Invasion Tour in support of the ‘Women and Children First’ album, is now on display there.

Howard Kramer at the RHOF points out on his blog that as Van Halen grew in popularity, so did the production quality of their stage show. It wasn’t just about percussion; this kit was a visual art form.

Alex, with the assistance of drum manufacturers, custom-designed many of his elaborate drum sets and this white Ludwig kit is one of them. Featuring two articulated bass drums (each more than five feet long), an assortment of floor toms, tom-toms, a gong and a myriad of cymbals, this is a “sight to behold.”

(Editor's note: This is all fine and good, and we can't wait to go look at it, but Alex -- if you need us to bust this bad boy outta there so you, your brother, your nephew and Roth can get back on the road again, you just call us, OK?)