With all the hoopla surrounding Van Halen's first album with David Lee Roth in over 20 years, our friends over at the Van Halen News Desk have dipped into the vaults and dragged out 15 photos of the young, hell-raising band making a visit to a record store -- remember those?! -- while on their first world tour in 1978.

Plenty of young, hot chicks showed up for the in-store, which was held on a Friday, between 2:30 and 4 PM, as you can see posted on a flyer on the wall in one of the images. Check out the display featuring the album sleeves, too.

Even though the band was paying a visit to a retail establishment, in the middle of the day, that didn't stop the beverages from flowing. You can see the boys consuming Schlitz Malt Liquor while signing autographs, shaking hands and kissing babies. Make that babes.

The images certainly capture an era and remind us of "the olden days" when people actually shopped for music at dedicated record stores, thumbing through racks of vinyl to discover new bands. These shots hark back to a pure and organic time. Okay, enough of that wistful musing.

The shots also show Van Halen in their early glory. Don't you love DLR's upside-down glasses? And just look at those heads of hair. Hindsight is 20/20 but this candid, carefree shot hardly indicates all the success and drama that was to come for Van Halen. You can see more of these photos over at the Van Halen News Desk.