A trailer for U2's ‘From the Sky Down’ documentary has been posted online. The flick, which focuses on the creative process behind the band's 1991 album, ‘Achtung Baby,’ had its world premiere earlier this month at the Toronto International Film Festival and will debut Oct. 29 on Showtime.

In the trailer -- which features animation, vintage and contemporary interview clips and studio footage -- U2 return to Hansa Studio in Berlin, where they started recording ‘Achtung Baby' in 1990. Bono and his bandmates talk about a seismic shift within the band, a bold reinvention of their sound that the singer even credits for keeping them together at a point of much tension and uncertainty.

"Something happened on 'Achtung Baby' that was the pivot point," says Bono. "We started out doing the same thing that we've always done, which is just bash it out, listen back and not like anything that we were doing." Then, after a segment about the creative breakthrough that birthed the U2 classic 'One,' Bono continues, "Making ‘Achtung Baby' was the reason why we are still here now."

Watch a Clip From U2's ‘From the Sky Down' Documentary

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