Trying to tell someone else's story is always a tricky business -- even if you're using only interviews to do it, it's easy to trip over people's feelings, miss details and unintentionally inflame old grudges. But filmmaker Andrew Horn has managed to pull it off with his upcoming Twisted Sister documentary, according to frontman Dee Snider.

After spending the past three years working on 'We Are Twisted F---ing Sister,' Horn has taken to the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to help raise the $150,000 he's projected it will take to give it a full release. Even though the film wasn't commissioned or officially sanctioned by the group, the members are lending their support in a variety of ways, including a videotaped message from Snider (which you can watch above).

Saying Horn got at the heart of Twisted Sister's "'Rocky'-esque story of a band of brothers from the New York area who toughed it out for nearly a decade before finding fame and fortune," Snider described the end result as "for people who are original fans, hardcore fans, true fans -- or want to know more about this band." As he sees it, part of the movie's true value lies in its origins outside the group. "This is independently done, which is the way a documentary of this kind should be," he argued, comparing it to rock documentaries where the "band puts together ... a piece of propaganda to make [themselves] look good." (Although, as he hastened to add, "I think it does make us look good.")

What Snider's looking for is "the true story of what happened, what occurred and how things came to be" -- which, in Twisted Sister's case, includes what he views as the band's contribution to the creation of hair metal. "We invented hair metal!" Snider claims at one point in the video. "There was no hair metal before Twisted Sister."

And even though he lived the story told in the movie, Snider says 'We Are Twisted F---ing Sister' still inspired him. Describing a recent viewing of a rough cut, he admitted, "I was looking at our youthful selves ... the raw energy and the passion that we had, the physical condition I was in back in the '70s, and I was inspired to drop 20 pounds get out there and rock the way God intended us to rock."

Horn's Indiegogo campaign allows for donations as low as a dollar, but bigger backers are entitled to a wide variety of interesting perks, including dinner with Snider (for a $5,000 contribution) or a backstage pass for an upcoming Twisted Sister show (an $850 contribution). For more information, visit this link.

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