George Thorogood's rebel anthem 'Bad to the Bone' has been used in dozens of movie scenes and television shows. It's the go-to song for directors who want to show that a character is ready for a fight or has a new, "take-no-s---" attitude. Here's our list of the Top Five 'Bad to the Bone' Movie Scenes:

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    'Talk Radio'

    In Oliver Stone's 1988 movie 'Talk Radio,' 'Bad to the Bone' serves as the theme music for the film's protagonist, a controversial radio disc jockey who deals with angry callers, including one who calls in a bomb threat. We deducted a few points since this trailer isn't using the original version of the song.

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    '3000 Miles to Graceland'

    Kevin Costner: sideburn-sporting, anti-establishment throwback bad-ass? Well, that's what they trying to sell us with 2001's '3000 Miles to Graceland,' anyway. Even when he's trying to look all tough, however, Costner's good-guy nature shows through. He even let his girlfriend rest her head on his lap while he was driving down the highway, talking about travel plans with his new biker friends.

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    'Problem Child'

    We never saw this 1990 opus, or either of its two sequels. Apparently it involves a young child who willfully destroys everything in his path, with 'Bad to the Bone' as his theme music, based on this extended montage of highlights. Mostly, any trailer that shows us the late, great John Ritter portraying one of his patented suffering straight-man characters, and delivering the line "We've adopted Satan!" is OK by us.

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    Now, this is a 'Bad to the Bone' movie scene that makes perfect sense! Based on Stephen King's novel about a possessed automobile, this 1983 horror movie kicks off with the car being built on an assembly line, fitting in perfectly with the song's opening "Now, on the day I was born..." lyric. Plus, cars have radios, right? So, it could play this song for itself all night long as it goes around slamming its hood on unsuspecting arms.

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    'Terminator 2'

    Well, duh! Who other than the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, would stand atop a list of 'Bad to the Bone' movie scenes? When his cybernetic character, who arrived from the future naked, needed a fresh wardrobe, naturally he heads for the nearest biker bar. A one-sided fight breaks out, and as the Terminator mounts his new motorcycle, only one song, overused even back then, would fit the bill.


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