The reunion of Black Sabbath this year has taken place without original drummer Bill Ward, who is not participating due to a contract dispute. Throughout the ordeal, we have seen Ward say that he would love to play with them again, and Ozzy Osbourne state that his old friend is welcome. So, we've been asking, what's been stopping them from working out a deal?

Apparently, it's Tony Iommi. In a new interview, the guitarist says that, although he's never going to say never, for now they're sticking with Tommy Clufetos, drummer for Osbourne's solo work.

"We’ll always have a heart for Bill," he told Blairing Out. "But I think it’s gone past that now. It’s gone on so long that I don’t see that happening at the moment. Maybe at some point we might do it.”

In the video below, Iommi also discusses his struggles with cancer, the new album, working with Rick Rubin and shares fond memories of the late, great Ronnie James Dio, Osbourne's replacement in Black Sabbath.

Sabbath's upcoming album has a projected release date of April 2013. The metal legends will then play four concerts in Australia between Apr. 25 and May 4, and will headline the second night of Ozzfest Japan on May 12.

Watch Tony Iommi Talk to Blairing Out

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