Tony Iommi is nothing if not a trooper. The Black Sabbath guitarist has confirmed that he received chemotherapy treatments for lymphoma while recording new music. Despite the difficult diagnosis and illness, Iommi continued to do what he does best and that's make hard rock.

Most people are incapacitated by cancer and the subsequent methods employed to fight the disease. While Iommi did feel the side effects of his course of treatment, he soldiered on because he wanted to. No one would have faulted him if he chose retreat from the recording process in order to rest and preserve his strength, but he chose to stay busy. What an inspiration to us all.

Iommi told Kerrang! (quotes via Blabbermouth), "It was good for me to do that. I did feel tired and sick — and it does make you sick, you start throwing up. But on the days when I felt I could do it, we were all there working."

Bassist Geezer Butler also commented, saying, "[Tony] was going to the hospital one day, and we'd go into the studio the next depending on how the chemo was affecting him."

The band experienced at least one  hiccup due to Iommi's illness, having tabled an entire tour. But still, the band continued to work and create music, and for that we applaud, salute and offer our utmost respect.

Sabbath confirmed that they wrote about 15 songs and despite the drama surrounding drummer Bill Ward, who is sitting out this reunion, the band remains hyperfocused.

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