By giving up touring while they can still sell out major venues, Motley Crue are well aware that they're losing the opportunity to continue to ride the gravy train. Just ask Tommy Lee, who says that those close to him can’t believe what they’re doing.

In a new profile of the whole band in GQ, Lee says, “People from financial people to business people, friends, family, are going, 'Are you guys out of your f—ing mind? The f—ing Stones are still doing this s—. Just f—ing do it less often or whatever. You're f—ing idiots.'"

But for Nikki Sixx, it was precisely about going out while they were on top. "It's like being an athlete,” he notes. “You can win Super Bowls, but in the end, you're going to be a quarterback standing on the field, and somebody's going to bust your f—ing knee, and you're going to be lying in the middle of the field with 10 million people watching you while you can't get up. And that's a fact of life—but it's not going to be a fact of our life. We're going to win the Super Bowl, and we're going to f—ing leave."

The last leg of Motley Crue’s ’Final Tour’ begins July 22 in Eugene, Ore., and will conclude with two shows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Dec. 30-31. To coincide with the conclusion of their time together, the band recently released a new song, ‘All Bad Things.’

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