Nearly 40 years after his death, guitarist Tommy Bolin's archives are being opened for a new compilation that collects rare and unreleased material from his career.

The double-disc set, titled 'Whirlwind,' was produced by Greg Hampton -- whose work with the Bolin estate includes the 2006 outtakes collection 'Whips and Roses' -- with Bolin's brother Johnnie. Due August 13 on Cleopatra Records, the album promises to be a "spectacular collection" featuring "rare material from Bolin's jazz-rock band Energy, an epic 26-minute version of 'Marching Powder' (here called 'Marching Bag') from the album 'Teaser,' as well as songs Tommy was preparing for his third solo album before his untimely death in 1976."

Hardcore Bolin fans will also have the opportunity to purchase a limited-run deluxe version of the collection, which includes postcards, a guitar pick, a collectible patch and a souvenir pin. Amazon is currently offering pre-orders for both versions of 'Whirlwind,' with the regular edition listed at $15.72 and the deluxe going for $28.72. Check out the complete track listing below.

Tommy Bolin's 'Whirlwind' Track List
'Cucumber Jam'
'Don't Worry 'Bout Cash' (acoustic version)
'San Francisco River'
'Gotta Dance' (take two)
'Spanish Lover' (instrumental version)
'Sooner or Later'
'Red Skies' (instrumental version)
'Way It's Always Been'
'Sleepwalker' (instrumental version)
'Leave Other People Alone'
'Marching Bag'
'Wild Dogs' (acoustic version)
'From Another Time'

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