Thin Lizzy's Scott Gorham has teamed with journalist Harry Doherty to trace his story as well as that of his famous band.

'The Boys Are Back in Town' will be released by Omnibus Press on Nov. 16. The official description of the paperback says that the band's story is told by those who were directly involved, including Gorham, the group's road crew, management, family and friends. It also "includes stories of the band on the road, the drink and drugs and how the years of partying, drug-taking and non-stop touring eventually took its toll on not only the band members but on their families."

It also traces their origins in Dublin as a three-piece, through years of lineup changes (including the additions and departures of Gary Moore, Brian Robertson, and Gorham), the death of singer Phil Lynott and how their legacy has endured since that time.

The current lineup of Thin Lizzy remain on the road. The group's next tour kicks off Aug. 17 in Carlisle, England, with European shows booked into December.