Pretenders frontwoman Chrissie Hynde has closed down her Akron, Ohio based restaurant The VegiTerranean, four years after opening the critically acclaimed vegan restaurant in her former hometown.

In a post on the restaurant's Facebook page, Hynde, a noted vegetarian and animal rights activist, explained the decision, citing the understandable perils of operating a high-end business in such a depressed economy. She also expressed pride at the success the VegiTerranean enjoyed during its four year run:

Its is with great regret that The VegiTerranean in downtown Akron has closed it doors for the last time.

This has been a labor of love for us for the last four years. We tried everything we could to keep the restaurant going but unfortunately due to the current economic climate this has not been possible.

I'd like to THANK everybody who helped me fulfill my dream. I discovered that Vegan cuisine in Ohio has become more appreciated than I imagined. We were voted among the top 5 Vegan restaurants in America by Business Week.

As we've written a few times, Ultimate Classic Rock is headquartered in Akron. We've eaten at this restaurant several times, and the food, drawing heavily from Greek, Mediterranean and Italian influences, was excellent every time, it's sad to see the VegiTerranean close.