James Gang drummer and founder Jimmy Fox recently recalled how he first linked up with guitarist Joe Walsh in an on-air interview with WCNX. Fox gave the guitarist his start in the power trio, so he effectively discovered Walsh in terms of a national audience.

Fox joked, "He would not go away! I looked through peephole in the door to my apartment at Kent State, and he would not go away." Fox hired Walsh to play in The James Gang and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fox said that since the Eagles are still active, Walsh is busy and it's one of the reasons they haven't toured together recently. But there is hope. "We all have good intentions about doing it, and if the stars
line up, we'll get to do it again," Fox said. Good to know there's a chance we can see the James Gang play together again in the future. Fingers crossed. (Walsh told us the same thing recently in our exclusive interview)

The ever-gracious drummer also reflected on how fans have held The James Gang in high regard after all these years, humbly saying, "We must have done something good, since people still want to hear it." That's a good indicator! He also said that hearing his songs on the radio is a feeling and an experience that never, ever gets old! You can check out WCNX's entire interview here.

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