Rock gets a much-needed injection of cheeky fun and awesomeness this spring, thanks to Tenacious D. In their new short film, styled after a televised 'Extra!' entertainment news story, the rocky road of The D's principals, comedians Jack Black and Kyle Gass, is chronicled in depth.

Here's what goes down: After their 2006 movie 'The Pick of Destiny' fails, Gass is committed to an institution, unable to handle the pressure. Black goes the opposite route, committed to becoming insanely famous and successful. Calling press conferences as "Hollywood Jack," he buys mansions, meditates with monks and does drugs.

Poor bearded, disheveled Kyle Gass is cut off from his former partner, but he can't let go of the D, carving "Jack 4 Eva" on his belly. There is a cameo by Val Kilmer -- remember, he played Jim Morrison in 'The Doors' -- who is hobknobbing with Black at his expensive spread. Gass shows up, tries to shoot Jack, Val takes the bullet and The D reunite for the hug heard 'round the world, which is of course a bigger news story than the war or the sad state of the global economy.

The D return to the studio, but can't find the magic. They make an album in 75 minutes and it sucks. To recapture the magic, they enlist rocker Dave Grohl and opera pop singer Josh Groban to whip their rumps into shape. They emerge from the process with the greatest album of all freakin' time.

Yep, The D is back.

'Rize of the Fenix,' which is so powerful that it could cause tectonic plates to shift, drops on May 15.

Watch Tenacious D's 'To Be the Best' Short Film